Carpintería Moreno Ruiz was created 25 years ago in a small shop in San Roque Station run by José Moreno. Specialized in creating kitchens since its inception, over time the business has expanded its horizons to become what it is today: a carpentry company engaged in the production of all types of wood-based furniture and facilities.

To offer our customers the best possible service, we have opened up our market and we continually specialize and update ourselves, studying the latest innovations in machinery, equipment, materials, etc.

Carpintería Moreno Ruiz consists of a team of professionals whose years of experience in the manufacture of kitchens and furniture in general enable them to provide excellent advice to customers.

We carry out our activity using the most advanced equipment in the carpentry market, all equipped with the latest technology.

One factor that guarantees the quality of our products is that our production is 100% our own. We do not depend on third parties to complete an order, so we can guarantee the solution of any problems within 48 hours.

Carpintería Moreno Ruiz is committed to the quality of its products. Moreover, in its production processes, it has always used the latest technologies, offering the customer continuous innovation in its products.